The Story of The Angel Abigail – February, 2002

Posted on 20th February 2002 by Michaela 1999-2004 Channeled Messages

Channeled Through and Written by Carolyn Ann O’Riley

Loving Greetings and Spiritual Hugs from The Creator My Beautiful Beings Of Light.

We come once again to tell you how much you are loved and cherished even though your Earthly language is so very limiting.

The news is filled again with more negativity and terror possibilities, is it not? Remember My Beloveds that you are not this body that resides within the matter planes. Your real spiritual essence resides where you have always been. You are just taking an incarnated day trip shall we say (Angel Humor). You are merely trying on this physical vessel that you created and made for this adventure. Your Spiritual Essence is in perfection with The Creator where it has always been.

Funny how so many think that they are separated from The Creator. The veil that clouds your remembrance can be deceptive in that way. This is why it is so very important for you to connect with your Angels and Guides and your Inner Self. The veil is beginning to thin and dissolve for many.

The intent and spiritual journey back into Self (The One) is the most important gift you could ever give to you. The Angelic Realm hears all the reasons why people don’t think they can meditate, but the larger picture looms before us; it is telling the story of self sabotage on your part. This is strictly a reflection of self defeating denial of the brilliance that you are My Beautiful Beings of Light. We love you anyway and nudge you once again to begin the journey if you have not already started the trip.

Here is a story of the wee Abigail Angel to assist your self understanding, perhaps it will trigger your remembrance.

Abigail answered an Angelic Ad for “Angels Wanted” to incarnate on Earth for a grand play. The Ad read: “ Wanted Angels, experienced only in incarnation to journey and take part in the Grandest Production known as of this moment in Now, called “Planet Earth”. Only the most advanced Angels are to apply”.

Abigail had been to Earth once for two Earth days, so she felt that perhaps that would qualify her for this position.

She sat in the waiting room with much older Angels and listened to their tales of incarnation on Planet Earth. The stories only served to make her desire to go more and more.

Abigail finally got into to see the Angel Volunteer Manager and he just looked down at this wee Angel and scratched his essence chin. “Abigail, Abigail, Abigail whatever made you think that this position was something that could be handled by such a wee inexperienced one as yourself? Abigail this is a very tough and hard assignment.” The Angel Volunteer Manager smiled as he talked to her.

“First you must make a list and plan of all the experiences that you would be willing to experience while on Earth. Remember that the harder the experience the faster your evolutionary growth ” the Angel Volunteer Manager continued.

“Then you must present this plan to your Angel Advisor for review. Next if your Advisor agrees with your plan then you must find all the necessary participants to be the players, saviors and foes for each part in your plan. Those connecting players that are already on the Planet Earth will have to be contacted through their Spiritual Essences here for contract agreement ” the Angel Volunteer Manager outlined.

“Abigail you were just a player last time for someone else for only two days and you hated it then, why now? Do you remember that when you came back how horrible you thought it all was? You stated that you would never to do it again?” the Angel Volunteer Manager questioned.

“Sir I remember, but this just feels like something I need to do to gain experience and advance more quickly up my evolutionary spiral. I mean look at me Sir, I’m tiny and I’ve been here a long time. Yes, there are other ways I can grow but they are so very slow. Please consider me Sir, I won’t disappoint myself in doing this” Abigail earnestly stated.

“Abigail, I’ve always had a hard time telling you no, so go start on your list and get with your Angel Advisor, I’ll let him know it’s okay with me” the Angel Volunteer Manager finally accepted.

Thank you Sir, I promise I’ll make you proud of me. Thank you for giving me the chance Sir. Tell The Creator Thanks for me too Sir” Abigail said as she was leaving the area.

“I will tell The Creator Abigail, but I’m not really sure this is what The Creator had in mind for you when you were breathed into Creation. Your Master Blueprint did not call for this activity” The Angel Advisor stated sadly.

“ I know Sir but this is something I really want to try” Abigail plead as she continued walking from the area.

Abigail worked and worked and finally had a list of experiences that she was willing to go through in order to grow. She had looked deep within herself and found such a deep intent for growth. Nothing in her mind could conceive of anything that she would not walk through to obtain the next steps on her evolutionary spiral. Out beside each event she had listed the various characters that she would need to find to contract with to play each role.

She then walked into her Angel Advisor’s office. She laid out the list in front of her Angel Advisor of the events along with the list of players needed.

The Advisor concentrated and read through the list and then looked up at her pensively. “Abigail this is a very intense list you have here, are you sure that you are willing to go through all this terror, sadness, grief and despair to grow faster? There are other ways to grow as we have discussed on many occasions.”

Abigail replied, “ Yes we have talked about this before but these experiences are all needed to help me reach my present Angel Goals.”

“ I understand, I was once a small Angel myself “ the Angelic Advisor said. “ You do remember your last experience?’ the Advisor questioned further.

“ Yes” Abigail replied but this is important to me, please help me do this.”

“ Abigail, I will help you in all ways possible, it will be very difficult for us to watch you go through this list of horrors that you have outlined for yourself” the Advisor stated. “ Once on Planet Earth where you have contracted and committed to these actions there is really no turning back, you understand this” the Advisor cautioned

“Yes, I understand this” Abigail replied feeling a little tense “ but I can do this for myself.”

“You do remember one alternative, that of being someone else’s Guardian Angel don’t you Abigail. This too would provide growth and Earth experience” The Angel Advisor added.

“Yes” Abigail said “but the growth rate is much slower going that route. Growth is very important for me now.”

“ Okay then find all your players and have them come to see me” the Angel Advisor said.

“Thank you so much, I knew I could count on your support and help” Abigail said.

“One thing Abigail” the Angel Advisor said I’m personally volunteering to be one of your Guardian Angels. At least I can send you the love that I know you deserve even though you won’t remember the feeling, or me while you are there. Abigail you realize how hard it will be for me and all those you choose to watch this?”

Abigail looked over at the Advisor “Yes, Your being there with me will make all the difference, I know it will, thank you.”

“ Abigail the Earth matter is so dense and your memory will be completely veiled, but I’ll try my very hardness to help you remember while you are there” The Angel Advisor said.

Abigail smiled but appeared even more tense as she said “Thank you”.

All the players started coming by the Angelic Advisor’s office and agreed sadly to their roles. All hoped that Abigail would change her mind and cancel at least half of the list. None wanted to play the parts that Abigail had laid out and all tried feverishly to talk her out of it. None were sure that Abigail realized what she was committing herself to but they all agreed because they loved her. The parts that most had to play were horrendous and dastardly, they really didn’t want to play these roles. They understood her desire to grow so they accepted them with unconditional love.

Abigail had contacted her Earth birth Mother, through the Mother’s Spiritual Essence self. A birth agreement was reached and Planet Earth date set. All the other current Earth players Spiritual Essences were contacted and contracted with.

The time came for Abigail’s descent into matter. They pleaded one more time with Abigail not to go through with this, but to no avail. Those not already on the Planet Earth lined up to have their memories veiled and the smallest portion possible of their essence separated from their Grander Selves. They all found this tiny piece of essence selves hurling into blackness, falling, falling, falling, growing heavier and heavier as they donned their vessels of matter.

Abigail’s and the other players Guardian Angels awaited their arrival so that their Earth experiences could begin.

Abigail’s Spiritual Family and Guardian Angels hovered around a hunger stricken Mother with Aids in labor with her 7th child. The other 6 children had died because the Mother could not feed herself let alone them. The Mother lived in one of the most violent places on Earth.

So Abigail (only her name changed to Mary as her Mother named her as she was giving birth on Earth)was born to a Mother with Aids. Mary herself had been infected. The Mother hugged this wee little starved baby to her and just cried. The Mother said looking lovely down at this wet newborn “you know I can’t feed you and I’m so sick myself, I don’t know what is to become of you but maybe you will survive.” As a tear dropped down her cheek onto Mary’s little wet face.

Mary cried and cried, hungry, wet and frightened. Her Spiritual Family and Guardian Angels crowed around her and sent her love, The Grander Essence Selves watched and sent her love. Mary seem to quiet down a bit for a few moments only, then started crying again.

Soldiers hearing a baby crying throw over the box that the Mother had gotten under for protection while giving birth. They killed the Mother with one shot. They took the minutes old baby by the leg, said “another girl child, just what we don’t need” and slung Mary against a wall. Mary’s tiny infant body went limp. The soldiers did not bother to check to see if Mary was dead, they just went on their way. The Spiritual Family and her Guardian Angels hovered over her, Mary’s Grander Essence Self beamed love. They tried to reach her but Mary was clinging on to her Earthly life. They sent her love, they wept for her, and sent her more love.

An old lady rounded the corner and seeing the baby picked her up. She wrapped her in her shawl and took her with her. She had no food to give her but she could hold her in her arms for a few moments to give her love. She felt so very sorry for this poor female babe. There was no life for a female in this country filled with hate.

The old women took Mary to a group of women that were all gathered around a fire to keep warm. One woman had just lost a baby that she had been nursing of her own. She took the limp Mary into her arms and tried to clean her up the best she could without water. She began singing to the little one rocking her back and forth and Mary began to open her eyes. The kind woman smiled down at her, she feed her milk and Mary went to sleep. Mary’s Grander Essence Self continued to watch and beam down love, the Spiritual Family and Guardian Angels never left her side.

Mary’s life didn’t get any better from there but more and more horrific experiences occurred. Mary’s Grander Essence Self continued to beam down love, as always her Guardian Angels were there along with her Spiritual Family. They sent her love, they never left her. They went into her dream states and tried to get her to remember who they were and that she had planned each of these events.

Mary just felt alone, traumatized and in constant terror. Her life was a short one only 15 years in comparison to many that were living in the village, but that didn’t matter. Each day Mary awoke and wished that she were dead. Aids had ravaged up her body. She was hungry, sick and she felt no one loved her. Mary’s Grander Essence Self watched beaming love, Her Guardian Angels and Spiritual Family were always there and continued to send her love. They continued to try and keep contacting her through every means available to them within the Universal Laws of Free Will. No glimmer of remembrance came.

The moment came when she breathed her last Earth breath. Mary’s Grander Essence Self watched beaming her love awaiting a reunion and Her Guardian Angels and Spiritual Family were with her as they had been the entire time. As she was breathing her last, a glimmer of recognition came over Mary as her Guardian Angel (her Angel Advisor) spoke to her telling her what was happening to her and telling her it was time to go home.

She smiled and turned to face him, she started to speak to him. The other few people that were with her crowded around her dying physical body they couldn’t figure out why she was smiling and who she was trying to talk to.

The Angels and Spiritual Family gathered around her tiny essence as it departed the vessel of matter and journeyed back home to be rejoined with her Grander Essence Self. She was quiet in introspection on the return journey. Her Angel Advisor (Guardian Angel) told her “ Abigail it will take some quiet reflective time to assimilate and integrate what you’ve experienced during this incarnation. It is okay to be quiet. We are so very proud of you. You did do what you planned and you did your very best. You have earned the growth that you sought on this journey.”

Abigail smiled and turned to her Angel Advisor and said “you know while I was experiencing it, it didn’t seem as sad as when the life review replayed it back to me through my spiritual eyes. You were right, when you told me, I never really understood before I left how much trauma I had planned for myself. I am glad it is over. Sometimes in my dream states on Earth I did remember you’re trying to contact me. I kept feeling myself trying to reach out to you, but then the moment was gone.”

She looked over at all the others that contracted to play the parts in her drama and she said “ I want to thank you for doing this for me, I ask your forgiveness, I realize that I requested you to play murderers and rapist and all forms of vile beings. You did it out of love for me. I have accomplished my growth and I am most grateful to you all. No longer can anyone call me wee Abigail, for I have grown so much during this time.”

Abigail celebrated her growth and decided to go in other directions. Earth was no longer a destination that she wanted to pursue for added growth experiences.

My Beloveds the story of Abigail depicts each of you for you are not this physical vessel and these are contracted experiences that you are having. Your reading this is your sign of recognition, now it is time for remembrance.

This meditation is to help you connect with your beloved Grander Essence Self, Guardian Angels and Spiritual Families for they are constantly trying to reach you. I’ll accompany you on this journey with your permission.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may either sit or lie down which ever is more comfortable for you. Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily.

Invite in at this moment all that you would have join you on this journey.

In your imagination request through prayer to The Creator to send you down a protective ray of white light by saying “My Creator I ask for a protective ray of white light to enfold me and lift me up so that I may experience the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my most inner depths of understanding and Being. I desire to protect myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I thank you Creator for assisting me by sending this ray that is now coming down through the corner of the room and entering into this physical form. It is permeating all of my levels, dimensions and aspects .” The Creator has gifted you with a White Ray, a Pink Ray and a Green Ray for this journey. These are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel permeating through out all of your energy fields. They are expanding out further into all corners of the room you are in, then exiting through your Crown Chakra. They Rays are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a circular motion.

You are now divinely protected and nothing can even communicate with you that is not for your highest good without your permission at this moment.

We ask you further to direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder at this moment. Instruct your ego self that it is to only be an observer on this journey.

Breath in deeply Beloveds and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being divinely guided into this adventure.

Breath in deeply and allow and see within your imagination your Grander Essence Self join you and take your etheric hand to guide you into your Heart Chakra.

Your Grander Essence Self accompanied by your Angels, Guides and special invited guests are now within your Heart Chakra and as you locate and turn the door knob of the door that says “To My Highest Guidance Within” you cross over the threshold.

You find yourself and your entourage in a white marble corridor. A special gemstone is sitting on the table in front of the mirror to your right. What message does it have for you, look it up upon your return. If you feel compelled carry this gemstone with you for a while.

A white iridescent duck has waddled into the corridor from a doorway labeled Your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Family Gathering. The duck requests you to follow it.

The doorway leads to a lush meadow with a grove of trees off to your left. The duck continues to lead you toward the grove. You think you see something from the corners of your eyes, a flash of light it appeared to be.

It happened again and this time you ask, “what is this flash of light I continue to see vaguely out of the corner of my eyes?”

The Guests ask “have you experienced that before today? “

“Why yes now that I think about it, it has happened several times and I just dismissed it as my imagination..” as you questioned yourself.

The Guest replied “then you will be glad to know that it was not your imagination these are your Guardian Angels and Spiritual Family members arriving for your gathering. They have been trying to get your attention for quite a long time now.”

You smile and keep walking . The duck is leading you to a circle of what appears to be tree stumps. The duck asks you to take a seat. You comply, select a tree stump and have a seat.

A yellow butterfly lands on your right shoulder and tells you that you are the last to arrive. You look puzzled and ask the butterfly where everyone else is, you state you can’t see them.

The butterfly tells you that you need to put on your spiritual eyes, invite them and voice your intent to see and communicate with them.

You take a deep breath, feeling a little uneasy but clear your throat and say “ My Guardian Angels and Spiritual Family I invite you into my life. I thank you for your presence and I do desire to see and communicate with you always.”

As the last words leave your mouth slowly around the circle each essence begins to become visible to you. The tears begin rolling down your face as you recognize them. The feelings of Home and love that you have missed for so long engulfs you. You just sit quietly crying for a while and each comes over to hug you and say something very special to you. They tell you how proud they are of you and how much they love you. Allow yourself here to take as long as you need and communicate with each one. They have been missing your recognition and have much to communicate to you.

When you feel it is time they will accompany you back down the path back into the marble corridor, back over the threshold of your heart Chakra, then back into your awaiting physical vessel. When full back in the physical vessel wiggle your fingers and toes and when you are ready open your eyes.

Please re-orient and re-ground before continuing your day, you’ve gone through some very emotional moments and need to be easy with yourself. They want you to know it has been hard to watch you, that they are always with you and love you unconditionally.

I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator’s Messenger of Love, Faith, Peace, Wisdom and Truth. You are loved most dearly My Beautiful Beings of Light this is your moment to remember who you are.


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