Spiritual Missions – March 1st, 2018

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Archangels Faith and Michael welcome you!

In this safe and sacred space, feel free to think out loud. There is no judgement…only unconditional love and support.

This month’s topic is on Spiritual Missions.

  • Have you been struggling to get ahead and not making progress?
  • Do you doubt who you are and what you were called to do?
  • Do you feel like giving up on the mission entirely?

We know all too well what you are going through. Share your feelings here. Allow us to offer higher perspectives on your situations as seen through the eyes of archangels. We hope these heavenly insights will inspire, self-empower, enlighten and lift the heaviness from your hearts and minds.

Here’s how to participate, if you so choose:

  1. In a short paragraph, state your question / concern
  2. In the Subject line, type: Spiritual Missions
  3. Email your question / concern to onevoicefromabove@gmail.com
  4. You have three weeks to submit your question / concern: 3/1/18 – 3/22/18

On the last week of March, we will deliver a channeled message for all which will cover the majority of questions / concerns. This will allow a greater number of people to receive guidance quickly. Trust that you will receive what you NEED to hear. As with any message, take what resonates true for you and disregard the rest.

In the months to follow, we will entertain questions on:

  • Relationships
  • Global Events
  • Traveling 
  • Reinventing You

We look forward to interacting with you. Know that your voices ARE heard, that you DO belong and you are SO loved!

Until next time, we are One Voice From Above ~

Archangels Faith and Michael