Children’s Stories

Lord Michael and his Ark Angels

It was another beautiful morning in Heaven. Archangel Michael was gazing upon the Cities of Light when his attention was drawn to group of angelic children nearby.

Six girls (Amber~Autumn, Celestial, Illumination, Sky, Twilight and Twinkle) and six boys (Micah, Solar, Winks, Whisper, Yonathan and Zamuel) all age 9, huddled together by the pond named Liquid Heaven, their voices filled with excitement and laughter.

Michael smiled and said to himself, ‘Something wonderful is in the making. I can feel it.’

He started to walk towards them. His armor of sparkling gold flanked by a long, cobalt blue cloak was breathtaking. Secured to his side and tucked in its sheath was The Sword of Truth.

Sensing a strong presence, the children turned in unison and saw Michael approaching. Gleefully, they ran towards him. With his mighty arms outstretched, Michael knelt down and gently embraced these angelic lights. They had exciting ideas to share and started talking all at once.  Their combined energy nearly knocked Michael off balance!

“Let’s sit under the Angel Oak tree and talk” Michael said. His smile was as bright as the sun.

Like lunar moths on a full moon night, these twelve angelic lights made their way to the Angel Oak tree that overlooks the Valley of the Great Central Sun.

Lovingly nicknamed the “Storytelling Tree”, it is here the children would anxiously await Michael’s return from afar. Under this ancient and magical oak, Archangel Michael would recount, in great detail, the latest adventures of his mighty Light Warriors. The children were too young to accompany the Legions of Light to distant star systems. Through Michael’s stories, it would feel like they were actually there with them. No matter how exhausted, Michael always took time to tell the tale.

But today was the childrens turn to speak and Michael was all ears!

“Where shall we begin?” Michael asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“We have an idea but need your help” said Twilight.

“Yes. We need to know how to make one” chimed Winkle.

“Can you teach us?” asked Sky.

“We will learn quickly!” promised Zamuel.

“We voted you Captain!” announced Sol proudly.

Whisper slowly made his way to Michael’s side. Clutched tightly in his hand was a small piece of cloud-white parchment paper. He gave it to Michael and softly said: “I tried to draw it the best I could. Can you tell what it is?”

Michael looked at the picture drawn with purple and gold crayons. With a boisterous laugh, he hugged little Whisper. “That is the finest drawing of an Ark that I have seen lo these many eons!” Whisper smiled from ear to ear!  Then he quickly looked away turning  – his cheeks turning a pinkish hue.

“We want to be archangels – like you!” said Micah. He stared deeply into Michael’s eyes of golden light. “We know we are too young to join the Legions of Light.  But there are others ways we can serve.” A flood of memories washed over Michael as he gazed upon Micah’s cherubic face.  Micah loved studying and imitating Michael’s every move. He would practice with his wooden sword for hours under the Angel Oak tree. It was his desire to one day become a Light Warrior and serve under Archangel Michael.

Zamuel stepped forward.  His face was smudged with copper colored dirt. “I’m really good with animals, Michael. I talk to them a lot. They said they are willing to help us.”

The twins, Celestial and Illumination (nicknamed “the Explorers” because they get into everything) shouted: “We want to go on adventures, too! We are not afraid.”

With an orange butterfly perched lightly on her head, Amber~Autumn’s tiny hand touched Michael’s arm. “We want to help children who are not in Heaven” she said. “That would be a good thing, right?”

Their eyes now rested on Michael.

Michael knew all the children in Heaven personally. They were like stars on a clear, night sky ~ infinite, bright and a pleasure to behold. So deep was his love for all children that he vowed to protect every child for all eternity.

Love flowed forth from Michael’s heart to these twelve angelic children. ‘So young – and yet, so willing to serve’ he thought. Golden drops of liquid light appeared at the corner of his eyes: archangel tears.

“I would be honored to be a part of such a noble endeavor!” replied Michael.

The children squeaked with delight! Twinkle did a backward somersault on the soft green grass. White angel trumpets filled the air with sound. Shooting stars raced across the pastel pink and blue sky.

Thus, upon this day in Heaven, a new Order had come to pass: Lord Michael and His Ark Angels.

And so the journey begins!


4 comments on “Children’s Stories
  1. Jahliel says:

    As I read this story of the 12 budding new Ark Angels I couldn’t hold back the emotions that I felt. I took myself into the story and actually felt the excitement that the children felt, and the Love that Arkangel Michael radiated out to the children of the world. Here are little children dreaming of serving AA Michael, and many of us are so blessed that we actually are commanders in his Legons of Light, yet the children can teach us more than we realize. This is one of those stores that take your breath away. Thank you Arielle. Namaste

  2. Arielle says:

    Aloha Jahliel,

    I’m so glad the Ark Angels story touched your heart! AA Michael has been nudging me for a while now to start writing again and I feel the time is right to do so.

    Thank you for your beautiful comments. You brought tears to my eyes, dear one.

    Angelic blessings from Hawaii,
    Arielle Faith Michael~

  3. Mahalo dearest Arielle Faith Michael for this touching story…. unconditional Michael l love, spontaneous, pure reaction of children brought tears to my eyes ….now I am sure that I need to arrive to teach (and also learn from) children again ..this is my way NOW, ….I remembered time how I was happy and blessed when I teached handicapped students…I am sad that I didn´t meet you personally during my trip two weeks before in Hawaii, communicated with dolphins…..I will be deeply honored….
    Warm Aloha from Slovakia (Czechoslovakia before, where born also Rudolf Steiner)
    to you
    and Margo Renay Sullivan too(for her light leading me here)
    Viera(Faith) Vicky Gildein

  4. Clifton Afonso says:

    As I read the story, all i could feel was heavenly bliss. My body began vibrating with love! Thank you! is all I can say to you! Its important once in a while to read stories like these inorder to break free from the sin of falling prey to the mundane habits of this illusionary world. Stay blessed and my love and light to you!

    Your brother


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