Insights on Spiritual Missions from Archangels Faith and Michael

Welcome! Sit beside us as we explore the topic on Spiritual Missions.

With your first breath, the Race of Life begins!  

Every living entity on Earth is “mission specific”. Think about it. What good does it serve to exist without purpose? Humanity’s quest is to learn, evolve and become worthy stewards of their personal domains (families, careers and communities) as well as to care for the planet as a species.

You ask, “How does one plan or even pursue the mission knowing each ‘hiccup’ consumes precious time from our lifespan?” “Why can’t the Heavenly Realms tell us exactly what to do, where to go and what to be?” “Why is it so hard to manifest material things to sustain us so we can continue the mission?”

From a human perspective, your questions have merit. After all, the angelic realm was with you in the planning process – long before your descent into matter. To have us just “tell you what to do” or “do it for you” seems logical as it would provide an efficient use of time and resources in a finite existence. But to do so would be a great disservice to you and the human / spiritual experience.

That was the main reason you agreed to come to Earth: to experience all of it – UNEDITED: the good, the sad and the pathetic. And yes, you all agreed to do this. We went over each contract in detail numerous times. Every soul on Earth “signed on the dotted line” and we sealed it with our galactic signatures. And you know how good the Universe is about keeping detailed records!        

That being said, let’s walk through this part of the journey together.

Know that only the most courageous of souls are on the Earth or coming to Earth now. This is the most critical time in the planet’s history. What happens now will decide the fate of Earth and all lifeforms that call it “home”, as well as lifeforms that want to make Earth their home. Imagine that.    

To follow one’s bliss, you must first find it. This requires effort, time and unwavering faith. There will be, as you say, “hiccups” along the way but that is the beauty of being human. Nothing stays the same. This is, after all, the planet of “free will” – not “status quo”.

The direction of your path and type of bliss will constantly change as it realigns with your physical metamorphosis: what you refer to as the aging process. Ah, yes…the finite part of being mortal. We understand your desire to accomplish as much as possible in an ever-changing environment where a specific length of time is not guaranteed.

So what’s the point, you might ask? Why try at all? It seems one is doomed even before the journey begins.         

Bottom line: you weren’t sent to Earth to live a human life. You are here to reconnect to your true, spiritual self while in human form. The challenge is to live with a foot in both worlds – heaven and earth – simultaneously as you navigate through the maze of diversity and uncertainty.

The Divine Light of the Soul within the human vessel enhances flesh and bone. Have you looked at loved ones who have passed? There is a deep truth to the words: “The light has gone from their eyes.” Without that spark of the Divine, the body is simply an empty shell which anyone – or anything – can take up residence if given permission. We will talk more of that in future discussions.

Now, back to spiritual missions…    

Although we cannot walk your path for you, we can offer a few hints:

Hint #1: The mission will find you! It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you live, what you eat, what you own, what you know or don’t know. Energy transcends space, time and matter. Your task is to keep the “filters” of your mind clean and your heart open so we can communicate with you. Attune your senses to the wisdom of your Soul. Use “spiritual line-of-sight” to check in and confirm that your actions are in alignment with Heaven’s “bigger picture”. You cannot do it alone and you are NEVER alone. We are beside you every step of the way. Fear not.  

Hint #2: True unity is inclusive, never exclusive. Work to find common ground to bridge the division. The planet will thrive if harmony rules. It takes immense courage to step outside one’s comfort zone and assist those who are in need or who are different from you. Remember, each person carries within a spark of the Divine no matter the outward appearance. There is good within all. Unfortunately, circumstances can overshadow and at times overpower “The Golden Rule” – to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Being human, you have the capacity to experience the greatest joys as well as the deepest pains. But one thing is certain: when these emotions have run their course, love will always remain. Embrace the love. That is your lifeline to the Divine when all seems lost.         

Hint #3: The essence of unconditional love is not defined by bloodlines, religions, rituals or countries. It’s what is in one’s heart. The “gift of self” is shared freely with everyone, everywhere, all the time. It’s a process that takes practice to get it right. It asks you to love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable…and to choose what is “right” over doing what is “easy”.

You cannot give to others what you do not possess yourself. Take time to self-nurture and heal that which is broken within you first. Then you will be in a better position to help others walk through the fires of life.

Every Light Warrior knows you have to “go through the war in order to tell the war stories.” It not only builds credibility and courage but increases empathy for those struggling to survive.

Perhaps now you have a broader understanding of the term “spiritual missions”. It’s all about being your true, authentic spiritual self for whatever amount of time you are given on Earth. No matter what passion you pursue or take on as your own, always keep your Light hardwired to the Divine.  

Whether you want to believe it or not, you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. And you possess all that you need to succeed. How could you not? You incarnated with those skills! Do you think we would send our beloved Light Warriors on a mission to Earth, at this most critical time, without the necessary tools to be successful? Not a chance…and not on our watch!

There will be times when you feel confused and abandoned…stopped in your tracks. This is a ‘fail safe’ mechanism in your cellular memory. It pauses the action of the path you are on. This allows one to reflect on the situation from a higher perspective, free from the limitations of the mind and emotional body. It gives one the opportunity to tune out the world and reconnect to the Light within. This will help reset your inner compass to true North. New ideas and inspirations will begin to flow into your consciousness. You will know if your intuition is on the mark for things will fall into place effortlessly – out of the blue. Nothing happens by chance and nothing is wasted.    

Like a boat that wants to become seaworthy, you must leave the safety of the harbor and rely on the stars to guide you through the darkness. Only then will you realize your potential and discover your strengths.         

Bliss is around you AND in you. Take a moment to connect with those things that defines what being alive means: breathing, walking, looking at nature, feeling the wind and rain upon your skin. These simple pleasures are not given to all. Just ask those individuals struggling in hospitals, treatment centers or skilled nursing facilities. What they wouldn’t give to trade places with you, even on what you would consider your worst days.  

Would it surprise you to know that the core essence of your spiritual mission is no different than everyone else’s on the planet? 

So what is this core essence?  It is to –

  • Embrace each moment fully;
  • Live life with Divine Purpose;
  • Love unconditionally;
  • Be courageous in Spirit, strong in faith and unending in service to others.

When you find your bliss, don’t just follow it. Fill it with the gift of YOU! 

And when the Race of Life is over and you cross the finish line, you will find yourself embraced by all of us in the Higher Realms of Light. And your reward? Knowing your life was well-lived! One that overflowed with Divine Purpose and depleted every spiritual gift you possessed because you served faithfully to the very end.

There is no greater calling or accomplishment than this.       

Until next time, we ARE Archangels Faith and Michael – One Voice from Above. You are eternally loved, honored and blessed.