Arielle’s Personal Mandalas

Comment from Keith ( on Arielle’s Personal Mandalas:

“Your Life Path is the Master Number 33. Wow, this was a wonderful challenge. Your Mandala is powerfully beautiful – almost like a vessel of hope and wonder. The Mandala is filled with the vibrations of 33 and 11 primarily and many supporting numbers as well. I was working with several Fractal shapes before choosing this one. I looked at the previous fractal and it seems they go together… in different colors. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning here.”


Upon seeing and meditating on the Mandalas, this was the information I received from Archangel Michael: “These Mandalas represent the Chalice & Cosmic Egg of Creation and go in a certain order to tell the story.”


“Each person has a unique spiritual companion – a mentor, protector, friend, beloved that resides in the Higher Dimensions holding the balance of Destiny. This companion’s role is not to rescue or complete the relationship but to compliment for both are perfect and whole in Spirit.”


“Every human radiates a unique color and frequency pattern to the Cosmos…a Galactic Signature that only this spiritual companion responds to. It is a deep recognition and calling. The Song of the Soul transverses dimensions, time and form. Nothing can break the bond between them for it was forged eons ago in the Realm of the Great Central Sun by the Creator of Life.”


“Divine Timing and Right Order are Cosmic Law. To reconnect fully with your unique spiritual companion, your galactic signature and vibration needs to be clearly defined / refined to match their frequency. When that is accomplished and the requirements of Cosmic Law are fulfilled, Spiritual Union can take place.”


“The Rays of Light embrace and interlock in Sacred Union. Two become One and Heaven is brought to Earth on the wings and songs of Angels! In this expanded space, all that is desired can be manifested in its Highest Form. As above, so below!”


“The spiritual fusion of Two into One is now complete and the colors transform into a vibrant golden Liquid Light – the Light of the Creator and the Great Central Sun. The Light from this Golden Chalice flows abundantly outward to the Omniverse and all life forms…a gift of divine unconditional Love. It is all around you and in multiple sensory forms. All you need to do is be open and receive.”

“Use this Liquid Light of Creation with pure intent to receive that which is needed for your journey towards en-Lighten-ment. Share what you have learned with others to lighten their way for it is in giving that one receives Heaven’s blessings exponentially. And so it is!”


4 comments on “Arielle’s Personal Mandalas
  1. Goddesslily says:

    So very beautiful and breathtaking… all of life is a miracle!

  2. Arielle says:

    Aloha Lily,

    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the Light. 🙂

    Angelic Blessings from Hawaii,
    Arielle Faith Michael~

  3. Linda Thibeault says:

    So beautifully perfect, thank-you, It s just Magnificent
    Love and Light xoxo

    • Arielle says:

      Thank you, Linda:-) He certainly does phenomenal work. I believe Lynne has a link to his site which showcases more of his mandalas.