One Voice from Above

“Why are such horrific events taking place? What purpose does the sacrifice of innocent lives serve?”

“Where are the heavenly forces that vowed to protect, guide and sustain us so we may continue on the spiritual path?”

“Did we do something wrong?” 


Questions, questions, questions…and no answers that make sense of the madness.  We understand your confusion, sadness, frustration and anger. We hear your prayers, begging us to “take you back home to Heaven.”  Your desire to “go to sleep and not wake up” weighs heavily on our minds and hearts, every moment of every day. We feel the depths of your despair. It goes to our very core. We embrace you with our love and weep alongside you. When you are in pain, so are we in the heavenly realms. The connection between us is like an energetic umbilical cord that is never cut from Source. And though you may not be aware of our presence, we ARE eternally with you.

We would like to comment on your questions separately and from a higher perspective: through the eyes of archangels. We hope our words will bring you peace of mind and restore your faith in humanity.  

Q: “Why are such horrific events taking place? What purpose does the sacrifice of innocent lives serve?”

Such cruelty is beyond comprehension and a crime against all that is sacred. The body goes into shock as the mind tries to process what has taken place. These events feel surreal…something seen in movies, in lands faraway or written in books. How did an intelligent, civilized, advanced culture come to this?

Misguided energies have been operating successfully in the shadows for many centuries. How you ask? By targeting and overpowering a specific race, religion or gender. Those who were “not of interest” to the destructive forces, did not oppose them for fear of retaliation or simple indifference. Earth was due for a Divine wake-up call of the Highest Order.  

A major paradigm shift was needed to change the flow of destructive energy. One that would initiate global awakening – beginning in one’s own backyard. The misguided energies “messed up” in  a sense. They chose neutrality. No longer were they profiling a certain race, religion or gender. Their target was the living – period. But life is the common thread that connects all that breathes. Life force goes beyond color, belief systems or lifestyles.  It’s everyone’s birthright and worth fighting for. 

There is strength in numbers. Bonds were forged between those of different skin colors, belief systems and life choices. Hearts filled with courage found their voices. In unison, they spoke out to save lives. This unconditional unity would not have come about if not for the purpose of protecting that which is most dear: life.

Extreme occurrences pull people together to work towards peace. But sometimes that peace comes at great cost. The brave souls that were taken from you were the most courageous of all.  To them, the highest honor and gratitude is given from Above. Their sacrifice was not in vain. Rest assured they are safe and well cared for in the arms of Angels. They stand beside us…each one a brilliant light. They look upon the Earth like the stars in the night sky.   

Until next time, we are One Voice from Above. You are so loved!  

Archangels Faith and Michael